Bulging Disc Treatment Options

Bulging Disc Degeneration - Spine problemBulging disc treatment options will be dependent upon the area of the back that the disc is bulging. There are many treatment options to consider and what works well for one person may not work as well for another.

For minor pain, a doctor may simply recommend some physical therapy and perhaps a pain killer. In minor cases this may work well and be the perfect treatment. For a minor case the symptoms will be mild to moderate and often these symptoms will resolve within a few short weeks all on their own with this therapy method.

Sadly, not all cases are treated by physical therapy and pain medications. In more serious cases doctors will have to opt for a more aggressive form of treatment.

Some cases can cause numbness and tingling and a doctor may have to opt for a surgical procedure to relieve the pressure. There are a few different surgery protocols that a doctor can recommend and the specific type of surgery will be dependent upon the severity of the case, as well as the location of the discs that are causing the issue.

Laser surgery is a non invasive form of surgery that can relieve the pain but it isn’t always an option. In some cases, laser surgery won’t be enough treatment to relieve the pain and condition and a doctor will have to recommend a more vigorous form of treatment with open spinal surgery.

There are several different types of open spinal surgeries that can be done. One of them will actually go in through the abdominal area and work from that direction to remove or realign the disc to offer pain relief. There are also conditions in which the abdominal area and the back must both be surgically altered in order to provide the patient with relief.

Sometimes, a screw is placed into the area to help secure it to the rest of the spine. This fuses the vertebrae and offers some relief although it does affect ease of movement. Sometimes, the screws will also set off the alarms in airports and other areas where metal detectors must be walked through. A note from the doctor should be carried at all times for such conditions.

For laser surgery the action is performed as a day surgery. However, if the patient must have open spinal surgery, they can expect to stay in the hospital for several days. A hospital stay with spinal surgery will also require a longer recovery period of up to six or eight weeks depending upon the surgery procedure that is done. The patient will have to use a walker, a back brace and lastly a cane as a form of their recovery.

Once the patient recovers, they can expect to lead a normal life but they may have some limited mobility to deal with. As they become accustomed to the fusion, their life will get easier and the fact that the pain is gone will help. There are many great bulging disc treatment options.